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Australian Cattle Dog
Also known as ACD, Australian Heeler, Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, Hall's Heeler, Queensland Heeler

Australian Shepherd
Also known as Aussie

Bearded Collie
Also known as Highland Collie, Mountain Collie, Hairy Mou ed Collie, Beardie

Belgian Sheepdog
Also known as Belgian Groenendael, Groenendael, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Chien de Berger Belge

Belgian Tervuren
Also known as Belgian Shepherd Dog, Belgian Tervueren, Belgian Sheepdog, Chien de Berger Belge

Border Collie
Also known as Working Collie, Old-Fashioned Collie, Farm Collie, English Collie

Bouviers des Flandres
Also known as Flanders Cattle Dog, Vlaamse Koehond, Toucheur de Boeuf, Vuilbaard

Canaan Dog
Also known as Kelev K'naani, Kelef K'naani

Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Also known as Cardigan, CWC, Cardi, Corgi

Also known as Scottish Collie, Rough Collie, Smooth Collie

German Shepherd
Also known as Deutscher Schäferhund, Schäferhund, Alsatian Herder

Old English Sheepdog
Also known as Bobtail, OES, Bob

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Also known as Welsh Corgi, Corgi, Pembroke, PWC, Pem

Also known as Hungarian Puli, Pulik, Hungarian Water Dog

Shetland Sheepdog
Also known as Sheltie, Miniature Collie, Dwarf Scotch Shepherd, Shetland Collie, Toonie Dog, Mini Lassie

Belgian Malinois
Also known as Malinois, Mechelaar, Mechelse scheper, Chien de Berger Belge, Belgian Sheepdog

No Vet or Blood Required!

Along iwth a fast turn around, our dog DNA test collection process is simple — no visit to the veterinarian and no drawing of blood. Our painless process involves a quick cheek swab in the comfort of YOUR dog house.

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Did You Know?

Approximately 75 million dogs have humans in the United States. 10% of those dogs were rescued from a shelter with little or no known history.
Source: APPMA.org

The top 10 dog names of 2011 were: Bella, Max, Buddy, Daisy, Bailey, Lucy, Molly, Coco, Charlie and Rocky. Source: Banfield Pet Hospital

The list of most unusual names for 2011 include: Almost-A-Dog, Franco Furter, Stinky McStinkerson, Sir Seamus McPoop, Audrey Shepburn, Dewey Deimell, Knuckles Capone, Beagle Lugosi, Shooter McLovin, Uzi Duzi Du. Source: VIP Pet Insurance


"The Wisdom Panel 2.5™ Breed Test is one of the most innovative products I have seen in years. I am a huge proponent of adoption, so my four legged family comes from shelters and breed rescue groups. Finding out what breeds are in my dog's genetic makeup has not only satisfied my curiosity, but given me invaluable health and behavioral information."

Eric Theis
Senior Vice President,
Discovery Communications,
Animal Planet Media Enterprises

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Dog Breed Test Instructions
Be sure to follow the instructions and photos on this site or those included with your test kit to ensure a successful DNA collection and analysis

mixed breed dna testing

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