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Also known as Japanese Akita, Akita Inu, Akita Ken

Alaskan Malamute
Also known as Malamute, Mal

Bernese Mountain Dog
Also known as Berner, Berner Sennenhund, Bouvier Bernois, Bovaro Bernese, Dürrbächler

Also known as German Boxer


Doberman Pinscher
Also known as Dobermann, Dobe

Giant Schnauzer
Also known as Riesenschnauzer, Russian Bear Schnauzer, Munchener

Great Dane
Also known as Deutsche Dogge, German Mastiff, Grand Danois, Danish Hound, Gentle Giant

Great Pyrenees
Also known as Chien des Pyrénées, Chien de Montagne des Pyrenées, Montañés del Pirineo, Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Also known as English Mastiff, Old English Mastiff

Also known as Newf, Newfie

Also known as Rottie, Rotty, Rott, Weily

Also known as Samoiedskaïa Sabaka, Samoyedskaya, Nenetskaya Laika, Sami, Sammy, Smiling Sammy, Sam, Smiley

Siberian Husky
Also known as Chukcha, Chuksha, Keshia, Sibe, Siberian, Husky

Saint Bernard
Also known as St. Bernard, Saint Bernhardshund, St. Bernhardshund, Bernhardiner, Alpine Mastiff

Standard Schnauzer
Also known as Mittelschnauzer, Schnauzer

No Vet or Blood Required!

Along iwth a fast turn around, our dog DNA test collection process is simple — no visit to the veterinarian and no drawing of blood. Our painless process involves a quick cheek swab in the comfort of YOUR dog house.

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Did You Know?

Approximately 75 million dogs have humans in the United States. 10% of those dogs were rescued from a shelter with little or no known history.
Source: APPMA.org

The top 10 dog names of 2011 were: Bella, Max, Buddy, Daisy, Bailey, Lucy, Molly, Coco, Charlie and Rocky. Source: Banfield Pet Hospital

The list of most unusual names for 2011 include: Almost-A-Dog, Franco Furter, Stinky McStinkerson, Sir Seamus McPoop, Audrey Shepburn, Dewey Deimell, Knuckles Capone, Beagle Lugosi, Shooter McLovin, Uzi Duzi Du. Source: VIP Pet Insurance


"I am so grateful that the Wisdom Panel 2.5™ Breed Test has hit the market! It is such a valuable tool in my practice because, in addition to helping me with potential health and wellness issues, it can shed light on the behavior of a specific animal and assist in the delicate balance of placing the right dog with the right owner."

Dr. Karen Halligan, DVM
Dir. of Veterinary Services, spcaLA
Doc Halligan's What Every Pet Owner Should Know: Prescriptions for Happy, Healthy Cats and Dogs

Dr. Karen Doc Halligan, DVM

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Dog Breed Certificate Photos
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mixed breed dna testing

Dog Breed Test Instructions
Be sure to follow the instructions and photos on this site or those included with your test kit to ensure a successful DNA collection and analysis